A simplified line-drawing in gold on black of a goat on a pile of rocks. It has one hoof on a human skull that has lost it's crown. Coins are shattered around the rocks. The goat has a piece of barbed wire tangled in it's horn, on it's forehead is the „Anarchy is order“ letter A and between it's horns 161. Above the drawing it says „Feral Goats“ in a faux rune type and below it „No borders, no masters, no nazis“.
Same drawing but with a light violet background.
Another variant with a light pink background.

Illustration – Feral Goats

Freie Illustration, inspiriert durch Wilde Ziegen-Warnschilder auf Skye, Schottland.

Personal Illustration, inspired by Feral Goat-warning signs on Skye, Scotland.