Vector drawing of a room in the evening. There's a desk placed in front of an open window with a laptop running Inkscape  on it. Outside the window (a black cat on the windowsill) is a fantastic landscape with Goldzilla, ghosts, a castle, a dragon, a flying bus, crystals etc.
Full version of the same drawing showing more of the room, on the left there's an original Playstation running Diablo on an old TV. On the right an old-school cassette player/radio and a bedside cupboard. Lots of books, manga and magazines are strewn all over the room.
Another version of the illustration with a person sitting in the chair, eyes closed in thought, flipping a pencil. They have green-blue hair and brown skin, wearing a hoodie and short pants.

Illustration – Draw Freely

Freie Arbeit, die anlässlich des Wettbewerbs um den Ladebildschirm des 20-jährigen Jubiläum von Inkscape (1.3) entstanden ist.

Inspiriert von Lofi-Girl, mit Gastauftritt von Diablo auf der Playstation.

Personal work inspired by the splashscreen contest for Inkscape, celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Inpired by Lofi-Girl, with guest appearance of Diablo on the Playstation.