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Typography – „I feel air from another planet“-Flyer

Flyer for the fulldome feature film „‘I feel air from another planet …’ – A Spatio-temporal Transformation“….

Illustration – Wald at Heart

Personal illustration featuring a terrible pun („Wald“ is German for wood/forrest). I’m also really enjoying „handmade“ typography, lately….

Design – Movie Menu

Layout & typography for Movie Menu…

Illustration & Layout – Brausewind

Illustrations, layout and typography for the yet unpublished children’s book „Brausewind“ by Heidi Meerle Kwasny….


…Nach der Zeit has been part of the Endzeit-Ausstellung at Pengland Mainz, 2012 Skills/Program-knowledge Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects), design, illustration, vector illustration for animation, layout, typography,…


…While my heart beats for illustration most I also love typography, web, logo & icon design and all other things graphical. Contact me for projects and have fun browsing ^___^…

Illustration – Anstifter

…pages from the book featuring my illustrations. I did the illustrations in collaboration with Stefan Gunnesch and Johanna Seipelt. Layout and Typography by Tobias Tank, Malte Kaune und Florian Hardwig….

Illustration – Flat Design Fruits & Smoothies

Cover and sample pages from a smoothie recipe book for Ideenwerk. Typography (Futura) is not final….

Design – Ende.

Ende. (PDF, German, Content Warning for very graphic depictions of violence/Inhaltwarnung: sehr explizite Darstellung von Gewalt) An essay on the history of stories about the apocalypse, written for my…

Illustration – Sphinx of Black Quartz

Found this pangram (a sentence that contains all the letters in the alphabet like the one with the quick fox ^__^) recently and thought it was pretty metal. No…

Design – Edinburgh Markets Website

Design of the website for Edinburgh Markets. Coding by Oliver Rod….

Illustration – Sputnik postcard for Planetarium Hamburg

I had the chance to illustrate this postcard for Planetarium Hamburg celebrateting Sputnik and 60 years of spaceflight….

Design – Map for Edinburgh Council

Map for the Council of Edinburgh, showing shops and restaurants during tramworks on York Pl/Brouhton St…

Design – Flyer for the Planetarium Hamburg

Flyer for the Planetarium Hamburg for an series of events with Marcel Lichter….

Infographic – Nordkirchen

Infographik about the municipality Nordkirchen for Ideenwerk. Used type is the Blogger Sans by FirstSiteGuide….