Specimen for my typeface Inky Hands, background in bright yellow, red and turquoise, with a white rectangle in front of it with all the letters and glyphs. It also says: „A handdrawn typeface based on my terrible handwriting!“
Dramatic page from my comic The Shadow, using the typeface. One of the main characters says they're finished with running away while the other is horrified by this decision.
Another page from my comic, the main characters bantering about having something to eat and then checking out the ruined city. Maybe there's a library somewhere?

Schrift – Inky Hands

Schrift, die ich zur Verwendung in meinem Comic „Der Schatten“ entwickelt habe. Umgesetzt mit Birdfont.

Inky Hands 0.2 herunterladen.

Kostenlos für den persönlichen und kommerziellen Gebrauch – Open Font License (SIL).

Ich würde mich super freuen, wenn du mir ein Bild oder ähnliches schickst, wenn du die Schrift in einem Projekt benutzt ^__^

Typeface – Inky Hands

Typeface that I developed for use in my comic „The Shadow“. Created with the Birdfont.

Download Inky Hands 0.2.

Free for personal and commercial use – Open Font License (SIL).

It would be really amazing if you contact me with a picture or something if you’ve used the typeface for a project ^__^