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Icondesign – MacOS Icons

  Personal icons for Sublime Text, Veracrypt, KeepassX and Truecrypt (RIP)….

Design – Edinburgh Zoo Map

Icon and map design of the Edinburgh Zoo for Ideco Design….

Logodesign – Various

Misc. icon and logo design….

Infographic – Nordkirchen

Infographik about the municipality Nordkirchen for Ideenwerk. Used type is the Blogger Sans by FirstSiteGuide….


…Effects), design, illustration, vector illustration for animation, layout, typography, image editing, logo & icon development, web design, photography, 3d imaging (Blender/Unity), HTML/CSS (basic) … Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent)…


…While my heart beats for illustration most I also love typography, web, logo & icon design and all other things graphical. Contact me for projects and have fun browsing ^___^…

Design – Map for Edinburgh Council

Map for the Council of Edinburgh, showing shops and restaurants during tramworks on York Pl/Brouhton St…

Logodesign – jfml headers

Header logo, logofonts and illustrations for my blog and old website….

Logo –

Logo and business cards for…

Design – Solartronics Infographic and Brochure

Infographic and brochure for Solartronics, a reseller of DIY solar power equipment on behalf of Dominik Wolf….

Design – Maps for Edinburgh Markets

Maps for Edinburgh Markets….

Design – Business Cards

Design – Portfolio 03

Illustrations for my Portfolio 03 (PDF)….