Abstract model of a solar system on a pink / salmon coloured floor, rendered with Blender3D. A big glowing orb in the centre, with copper circles (orbits) around it. More spheres on the circles (planets) with copper rings (orbits) and smaller spheres (moons) around the center. They're all made of „natural“ materials, like glass, wood, fabric, copper etc.
Another variant with blue sphere cuts shielding the sun that is not a glowing orb but a yellow marble now.
Portrait variant of the same motif but with a smaller sun and three blue glass half-spheres arranged around the sun, protecting it?

3D – Pocket Solar System

Mein Beitrag zum Bildschirmhintergrund-Wettbewerb (ahhh, so ein deutsches Wort!) für KDE Plasma 6. Manche Varianten haben starke Ähnlichkeit zu „Strange Egg“.

My entry for the wallpaper contest for KDE Plasma 6, variants of it somehow turned out to be very similar to „Strange Egg“.