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Was ich auch nie lernen werde

ist, dass bei Keyboard-Shortcuts in Programmen (shortcuts = awesome, btw):

^ = ctrl/Strg

(und nicht z. B. die Taste unterm Esc, die auch das Grad-Zeichen beherbergt).



you fucked it.

Fear and narrow-mindedness win again.

Color me unsurprised (but still disappointed, I kinda wanna call it the Obama-feeling).

We Tried to Make a Game: „In Which You Are a Fox“




tl;dr: My brother and I tried to make a game about a fox. We didn’t make it very far, but please download it anyway:

→ Windows
→ Mac OSX
→ Linux – untested : (
→ Web (needs Unity plugin)

In December 2013 my brother suggested that instead of going to 30C3 we could finally start making a game. It was going to be about a fox, you’d start as a cub, grow up and hunt birds and mice and mate and be hunted by hunters or bears or badgers or whatever …

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