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The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy Poster


Promo-poster (not 100% sure who’s the illustrator) by Kelly Bastow* for The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy** by Mary Sue-editor Sam Maggs. (Via) (Via)

*Thanks to Sam Mags for pointing this out in the comments!
**Not to be confused with the Geeks Guide to the Galaxy which is worth listening to (depending on the person interviewed).

Was ich auch nie lernen werde

ist, dass bei Keyboard-Shortcuts in Programmen (shortcuts = awesome, btw):

^ = ctrl/Strg

(und nicht z. B. die Taste unterm Esc, die auch das Grad-Zeichen beherbergt).



you fucked it.

Fear and narrow-mindedness win again.

Color me unsurprised (but still disappointed, I kinda wanna call it the Obama-feeling).

We Tried to Make a Game: „In Which You Are a Fox“




tl;dr: My brother and I tried to make a game about a fox. We didn’t make it very far, but please download it anyway:

→ Windows
→ Mac OSX
→ Linux – untested : (
→ Web (needs Unity plugin)

In December 2013 my brother suggested that instead of going to 30C3 we could finally start making a game. It was going to be about a fox, you’d start as a cub, grow up and hunt birds and mice and mate and be hunted by hunters or bears or badgers or whatever …

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